New Music Co-op Presents: Ensemble Pamplemousse (NYC)

Friday March 27th 8:00pm
First Street Studio
2400 East Cesar Chavez - Suite 202
Tickets $12 - available at the door

New Music Co-op is excited to present cutting edge quintet Ensemble Pamplemousse from New York, NY. New York Classical Review calls them "One of the most distinctive new music ensembles in New York... the players are sharp listeners, quick thinkers and make creative use of the full gamut of sounds from their instruments." Featuring flute, violin, cello, piano, percussion and electronics, this group of musicians takes a unique approach to new music that embraces freedom and creativity. Their process blurs the lines between the roles of "composer" and "performer" as they work together to explore the possibilities of each new work both musically and dramatically. They will bring a program of their touring repertoire as well as perform music written by members of NMC.

About The Program

Composer-performers from Ensemble Pamplemousse will present half the program.
Dave Broome : Hunk O' Chunk
Jessie Marino : Guillaume de Saint Cloud
Andrew Greenwald : A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not (IV)
Bryan Jacobs : DIS UN IL IM IR
Natacha Diels : Second Nightmare, for KIKU

The other half of the program will feature new works by Austin composers written for Ensemble Pamplemousse.
Brent Fariss: My dreams are haunted by the sound of beating wings
Marcus Rubio: Study no.1
Andrew Stoltz: Dredging The Thick
Travis Weller: Ambergris & Ivory

About Ensemble Pamplemousse

Ensemble Pamplemousse presents new and recent works by and for Pamplemousse. In keeping with Pamplemousse tradition, the works run the gamut of contemporary American music and its commentary - Andrew Greenwald's obsessive complexity; Natacha Diels' intently distracted focus on performance gestures; Bryan Jacobs' aggressive electroacoustic virtuosity; Dave Broome's protracted elaboration of dark pop humor; and Jessie Marino's use and misuse of analog electronics and low budget staging.

Note: Their name is the French word for "grapefruit."

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.